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Bottom Line: Shared ownership offers convenience, flexibility, and a lower overall cost of ownership.

Opportunity for Fractional Ownership

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Catalina Air Harbor is responding to your need for safe and convenient, stress-free air travel. Purchasing a minimun of 1/16th of our Piper Turbo Lance II aircraft enables you to travel directly to wherever and whenever you desire.

2022/23 rates $1.81 per mile
$18,995 per 1/16th share

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Catalina Air Harbor to provide you with the safest, easiest, and most financially efficient option for air travel and aircraft ownership. Review our flexible programs, and we invite you to select which level of Pride of Ownership you want to participate in.


In light of current events, we have now shifted our focus to the need for timely and safe air travel. Air travel that is void of you having to experience the invasive inspections required by commercial air travel and the possible exposure to contagious diseases from your fellow commercial passengers.

We are excited to provide the opportunity for you to co-own an aircraft of your size and need so that you may travel the friendly skies safer and easier at an affordable investment. Fly when you desire, with whom you feel safe, and go directly to your destination.

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We understand that private aircraft ownership requires in-depth knowledge, research, and years of experience in order to make financial sense. This is our specialty. We focus on the details so you can focus on your goals and objectives.

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