Airplane Over a City

Professional Pilot Management

We take your flying seriously. Our pilot management in Monterey, CA, is strictly enforced to ensure your safety. Catalina Air Harbor, Inc. operates our aircraft under Title 14 FAR 91. Our aircraft pilots typically have earned over 5,000 hours of flight experience in Jet and General Aviation Aircraft. They are Rated Airline Transport Pilots with privileges in multiple jet aircraft. Additionally, pilots and mechanics are required to train regularly, which keeps them focused on current issues, customer service, and safety. Our maintenance programs follow strict FAA and manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules.

The staff is well seasoned, and no pilot has less than 4000 hours and at least 20 years of experience. All pilots hold an FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot License and with multiple Turbine Type Ratings. Some of the more fun pilots also hold Certified Flight Instructor Certificates, and they are a blast to learn from. Talk with an instructor today about getting a license, getting current, or making that Super Awesome Transition into the Turbine World.